Regaining Weight After Gastric Bypass? Restore Your Success!!
Restorative “Incisionless” Obesity Surgery

You may be a candidate for a new Incisionless Surgical Procedure to start you back on the road to losing weight Restore your success! Even the most successful bypass patients occasionally regain weight (usually resulting from a loss of fullness and increasing hunger). A new surgical technology now allows surgeons to treat the source of weight regain.The ROSE procedure is a new endoscopic and incisionless surgical option to restore a patient's success.

Dr. John Feng is the only qualified and trained surgeon to perform this highly specialized ROSE procedure south of the Canadian border, west of Chicago, Illinois, and north of Fresno, California due to his expertise and experience in minimally-invasive bariatric surgery.

The surgeon performs the procedure entirely through the mouth without making any external incisions into the body. Due to the lack of external incisions, the ROSE procedure is expected to provide important advantages, including, less risk than traditional open or laparoscopic surgery, minimal postoperative pain, fast recovery time and no scarring. Keeping your weight down after gastric bypass is vital to improve your health and reduce the co-morbidities associated with obesity such as Type II diabetes, heart disease, joint disease and respiratory conditions. If you have started to regain weight since your initial surgery, please contact us. You must attend one of our seminars to be considered for this procedure.

Contact us online or call our office today to schedule an appointment (650) 685-2959. Be sure to mention code SUMMER ROSE to take advantage of this Ad.

ROSE Seminars! We offer free seminars on the ROSE Procedure! Attend a seminar to learn more about the procedure and meet the doctor! Find ROSE seminar dates and RSVP at the following links! Bay Area Redwood City Seminar, Silicon Valley San Jose Seminar, Central Valley Stockton Seminar, Coastal Monterey Seminar

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